Monday, November 9, 2015

The Future of Events

Something has been bothering me lately; Games Workshop has been throwing out rules left, right and centre and we as players have been racing to catch up.
The competitive scene is overloading with forceful aggression and the fun of the game seems to be seeping out of the cracks formed by the want to smash an opponent. Sure, we all wanna win, but we also want to have fun.

I've grown bored of my Necrons. The Decurion is a nicely powerful formation, and gives me an upper hand that stunts a lot of other armies. This also means that if I want to play anyone I'm gonna be using the same force every time, no real flexibility or change, just the same old same old. Its boring, but it wins me 80% of all games.

Bradley over at Leyzer Battles  is experiencing a similar thing with his Eldar. He doesn't want to make the most cheesiest lists out but then when you don't, the game turns into something else. Peer pressure is a part of this feeling true, but one of the joys of the game is taking an army, adding fluff to it and making it personal. The flavor and feel of the game seems to be disappearing.

And this has lead me to my biggest issue: Tournaments. As TO for the DWGC, I have to somehow or other come up with events that will draw people to them and still be fun for those who aren't playing with the cheesy armies. I'm getting tired of seeing the same people win every time, with their same broken lists and zero new tactics. I want to see something new.

So with that I have been thinking about taking a new spin on events. Swapping teams, escalations, fluff expansions, and campaigns are all running through my head, and basically anything that rewards players for playing, not for being the army that wins all the time. Normally due to cheese. The  game has opened itself up in very interesting ways, allowing for some very creative and interesting army lists, lets use them not for rules bending, but to make the game that much cooler.

If anyone has any cool ideas or any input, please let me know!

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