Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Age of Sigmar Battle Report: Khorne Bloodbound VS Stormcast Eternals

Kevin and Kyle had a round of Age of Sigmar, using all the models from the boxed set.
here's what they had to say about it:

It was fun. similar but different to 40k. kinda simplified. Sigmarines won with just the lord remaining. Highlight was a single normal Sigmarine lasting and surviving 6 or 7 turns in combat squadless without dying. Here he is:

The game went back and forth between khorne and sigmarines. with khorne holding the lead near the end. Then the Sigmarines lord defeated 4 khorne units single-handedly at the end including the khorne lord, scoring the win.

I thoroughly enjoyed it! From what limited experience I had with 40k I found it has a much higher barrier to entry than sigmar. From the games I've played, it's been magnificently easy to understand and that starter kit is well balanced. I'm very keen to play more. Space lizards!
It was awfully rewarding to lure in and swamp down the sigmarines with all those blood bound warriors and then pop that portal of skulls. So satisfying when everything is suddenly more deadly. Mwhahahaa!

Fun game had by both, with the Stormcast Eternals stealing the win in the end!

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