Monday, August 19, 2019

Warlords Event Results


The Nurgle Lord by Lezindi!

Thank you to everyone for submitting your models. we will be holding another one fairly soon!
to see the results, please click the following link:


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Warlords Competition

In no particular order, here are the entries for the Warlords Hobby Event. Some are not finished but still look awesome.

Necron Overlord Phaeron Anu'seph of the Ultrons By Craig:

Eisenhorn by Gavin:

Typhus by Jason:

Kharlok Foeripper by Norman:

Kerrigan by Yarrick:

The Beholder of Terran Prime by James:

Khorne Lord of Chaos by Andrea

Nurgle Lord by Lezindi

Crucine Bloodwing, Chainlord by Darryn

When you have finished giving all of them a good inspection, please click on this link to vote in each of the various meticulously calculated categories.


Monday, February 5, 2018

Durban War Games Club Annual General Meeting Points of Interest

Durban War Games Club Annual General Meeting
Points of Discussion:
Fees and being a DWGC Club member
- Fees for the year
R200 – non student
R100 – student
- What do you get as a DWGC Member?
Use of the club terrain – more on this later
Priority Booking of tables and terrain
Discounts of DWGC events – more on this later
League Placement – more on this later
- the Fees can be paid for at the Unseen Shoppe or to Travis directly
The Terrain
- All DWGC Terrain and Tables will only be used by DWGC Members. Each box of terrain will have a form in it which you will sign when you use it.
- The Unseen Shoppe will have its own terrain and table that can be used by any non DWGC Members if it is not being used already.
- Terrain day. This will be the first of many, we invite you all to join us in fixing the current and building new terrain and tables.
We will be holding multiple events throughout the year.
Painting sessions
Painting competition
Hobby wars
Workshops – tactics and hobby
Age of Sigmar will be making a big impact this year, so dust off all your old fantasy models
- In 2017 we didn’t push it as hard as always and we didn’t participate as much. Neither of use three were at the Shoppe during Warhammer nights very often and we apologise for that.
- However, Travis has given the club members a very easy to use system of logging the league scores and you guys didn’t use it. This could be due to adding non club members; this is being addressed as the system will now allow for names to be entered by players. Games that are against non-club members will be confirmed by Travis and then they will register on the website.
- Keep in mind league games can be played anywhere, as long as your opponent and you have agreed that it is a league game.
Awards –
Most consistent and determined players of 2017
Bradley Petzer and Brandon Shaun Weber
As always we as a club strive to have a fun and relaxed environment where any and all can feel welcome to join us in enjoying the games we love.
The House rules committee will no longer be needed during this new edition, and is being put on hiatus till deemed necessary.
(if any other points were missed, please comment below)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

All the Events at Icon By the Sea this year!

For more details go here:

Icon By The Sea 2017 - Age of Sigmar Tournament

ICON BY THE SEA 2017 Warhammer: Age of Sigmar; Call of the Dark Gods

The Age of Sigmar marches on and the Mortal Realms thunder with the sounds of vast armies clashing; regrouping and refocusing their attention where it is most needed in the endless front lines of war. As each general experiences victory and defeat they will travel through to other realms, attempting either to push their advance or consolidate their defenses as the demands of patrons change.

Icon By The Sea - Warhammer 40k Tournament

And its here! Icon By The Sea will be happening from the 7th to 9th of April 2017 and as usual the DWGC will be hosting the Warhammer 40k Tournament. Details are as follows:

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Icon By The Sea Warhammer 40k Tournament 2016

Its here!!

Current Information on the tournament:

Date: 2nd and 3rd April
Time: 10:00 registration 10:30 game 1
Schedule: game 1 :10:30
Lunch 12:00
Game 2: 13:00
Break 14:30
Game 3 15:30
End of day 17:00
Day 2
Game 4 11:00
Lunch 12:30
Game 5 13:30
Prize giving 15:00
Entrance Fee: R150 unpainted R100.00 painted
Where: Durban North College, 25 Prospect Hall Road, Durban North.
What you need to bring
-          All your tools, dice, codex etc
-          3 x printed lists
Army Building
-          1500 points
-          No unbound
-          Forgeworld and heresy lists allowed
-          You may not combine heresy lists and 40k lists in the same army.
-          0-1 Superheavy or Gargantuan Lord of war models per list. (there is no limit to how many character Lord of War models you may have)
Points scoring
There are two different types of points awarded in this tournament, Battle Points and Tournament points
-          Battle points  (BP) refer to points you earn within the game (ie primary objectives, secondary objectives etc)
-          The player with the most battle points wins the game
-          Tournament points (TP) are used to determine your standing in the tournament.
-          Tournament points are awarded as follows:
o   3 points for a win
o   2 points for a draw
o   0 points for a loss
-          The following points are awarded once during the tournament
o   1 point for a completely painted army (three foot rule applies)
o   1 point for a completely WYSIWYG army
o   1 Point if you kill a gargantuan or Superheavy Lord of War
o   1 point if your clothing matches your army’s colour scheme (or you are dressed appropriately)

House Rules
-          D Weapons
o   Roll of a 1: No damage occurs.
o   Roll of a 2-5: Target model takes D3 wounds, or hull points with a penetrating hit.
o   Roll of a 6: Target model takes 3 automatic wounds with no saves allowed, or 3 hull points with a penetrating hit with no saves allowed.
-          Tau Coordinated firepower
o   Any USR's that crossover models apply to all units that are taking part. However all bonuses gained by using this rule only apply if all units taking part shoot at THE SAME UNIT.
-          Daemon summoning
o   You can only summon a daemon model that you have a physical model of. If there are none available, that unit cannot be summoned. Only very very suitable proxies allowed.
o   If you summon a bloodthirster, use the appropriate rules for the model that is present. Ie: if you only have a Wrath of Khorne model, then that’s the rules you use. This does not apply to Khorne Daemonkin summoning.
If there are any other conflicting rules that need to be addressed, please let us know beforehand so that we may know how to deal with it.
Remember, all Judges decisions are final.

These details may change. Watch this space!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Crux Terminatus Tournament Report! Part 2

After lunch Andrea had arrived to join in the madness. He ended up playing against me, the Ringer player, and his Chaos Daemons had a hard fought draw against my Ne3cron Decurion and Destroyer cult. 

Crux Terminatus Tournament Report! Part 1

On the 20th of February 2016 The DWGC held a Warhammer 40k Tournament at the Batcave in Hillcrest.