Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Las Vegas Open 2016 Tournament Results

As the DWGC Tournament Organizer I like to keep an eye on the international circuits, just to get a feel of how their competitive scenes are. And they can be hella competitive!
This last weekend the Las Vegas Open, hosted by Frontline Gaming, happened and it was a major success. They use the ITC Tournament Rules, and so had their standard missions in play. The results were as follows:

1st Place - Eldar
2nd Place - Eldar/ Dark Eldar
3rd Place - White Scars
4th Place - Chaos Daemons
5th Place - Necrons
6th Place - Eldar
7th Place - Necrons
8th Place - Dark Angels

If you wanna get a closer look at their lists go on over the the Blood of Kittens blog where they have a much better review of the Tournament.

I do find it interesting that Eldar has reclaimed their position as the top winning army, and notice that the apparent fear of the Admech War Convocation has proven to be empty. Also the reappearance of Necrons and strange Lord of War units too. 

Either way, I do feel that keeping our tournaments as fun as possible and balancing just off the edge of competitiveness  is the way to go

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