Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Games Workshop Advent Calendar 2015

For the last few years Games Workshop held a special Advent Calendar where they released new rules or books for use or about their games; short stories, single character rules, missions, scenarios 
and other flavored items. In some cases this has lead to some contention, with the rules released either being heated debates in competitive circles, or ignored entirely by the vast majority of players. To add to it all, there was always a price; each item had a download cost, the same as all Black Library purchases.

This year however they've decided to add something free into the mix: Warhammer TV Painting specials! Every day they've released a How To Paint (insert something here), video on their youtube channel, and these have been pretty cool. small videos with useful little tips (although some very repetitive), and I feel more helpful than their painting guides.

Here's the videos released so far:

Day 1 - White Scars Power Armour (ie, how to paint white and not look shitty)

Day 2 - Tau Sept Armour 

Day 3 - Grey Knight Power Armour (no it isn't just silver)

Day 4 - Power and Nemesis Force Weapons (this is awesome)

Day 5  - Celestial Vindicators Armour (Teal colour)

Day 6 - Seraphon skin and Scales (making it look real, god damn i need a smaller brush)

Day 7 - Harlequin diamonds (i fan-girled at this one. they make it look so easy)

Day 8 - Tau Skin (never tried it so wasn't sure how useful)

Day 9 - Sororitas Armour (painting black and not sucking!!)

Its been pretty awesome so far. I hope they get into some more technical stuff. 


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