Thursday, November 26, 2015

The End is Nigh!!

No not of the DWGC, we will never die! But this year's league is reaching its end. Next week Monday, the 30th, is the last day for any of the DWGC club members to play any league games.  The scores are racking up and tensions are high. Who will take the coveted (currently under repair) League Sword as their trophy?

Current leading scores:
Generalship Standings:
1. Andrea  - 290 Points
2. Bradley - 273 Points
3. Mark C - 212 Points

1. Bradley
2. Andrea
3. Darryn

1. Bradley
2. Andrea
3. Mark C

See the full league standings here  

Currently only the following members have placed themselves ( ie played their necessary 10 games)
Mark C
Andrew B

We need one more member to complete their ten games to make it official

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