Saturday, November 14, 2015

40k Batrep! Chaos Space Marines vs Eldar

Bradley and Jashin had a game of 1850 points on Thursday night. Here's the details of it:

Bradley - Craftworld Eldar 1848pts
Craftworld Warhost
Living legends
-1x Karandras
-1x Farseer + spirit stone
-10xGuardian squad EML
-10xGuardian squad EML
-10xGuardian squad EML
-2x Vyper 2x shuriken cannon
-3x Warwalkers x4 scatterlasers 2x EML
-2x Support platform D cannon
Aspect host +1BS
-5x Dark reapers + Exarch
-10x Scorpions + Exarch with Claw
-6x Warp spiders + Exarch with Spinnaret Rifle

Jashin - Chaos Space Marines and Daemons 1850pts
Chaos Space Marines CAD
-khorne flying daemon Prince with axe of blind fury
-Tzeentch flying daemon Prince, lvl 3 psyker, black mace
2x squads of cultists (10 men each)
1x squad CSM in rhino (10 men)
2x heldrakes (baleflamers)
Heavy Supp
2x obliterators (mark of Tzeentch)

lord of change- 2 greater daemonic gifts
11 horrors
10 daemonettes

Mission: big guns never tire
Objectives: 3 -1 placed behind the central terrain piece, 1 out in the open between the armies and the last one on chaos side left flank (eldar right)

Eldar - Karandras and Striking scoprions, 2 x vypers
Chaos - 2 x Obliterators, 2 Heldrakes, Daemonettes

Brad won the deployment roll and elected to deploy and go first.
Significant events:
- Brad opened fire with the vast majority of his units on Jashins rhino filled with 10 CSM. Eventually he managed to destroy it and get first blood.
- Jashin assault a no longer invisible khorne daemon Prince against Brad's wraithknight and removed 5 wounds with the axe of blind fury. In retaliation, the wraithknight kicked in the princes teeth and out his anus. Khorne didn't care, so long as blood flowed.
- Deepstriking bloodletters periled and ended up deployed on the flanks far away from the battle.
- Deepstriking obliterator periled and was placed in the crosshairs of the vipers and a squad of guardians.
- WarpSpiders pushed up the left killing anything they came close to.- Striking Scorpions and Karandras started in reserve and used Karandras's special rule and arrive via Jashins back table edge. Jashin's horrors got a perils and rolled a 6 to get smash and 3+ invl, then rolling the "all daemons get +1 invul" on the warp storm table. The Horrors and the Lord of Change entered the fray. Karandras challenged the Tzeentch Greater Daemon and they had fisticuffs until Karandras died.
- Heldrake crashed upon receiving a shit ton of rockets from the majority of the eldar army.
- Wraithknight was charged by a furious lord of change and was subsequently obliterated in a flurry of magical sparks and feathers leaving the daemon crowing his victory over the massive corpse.
- Warp spiders teleported behind enemy lines to secure line breaker.
- Tzeentchian daemon Prince and heldrake tried unsuccessfully to finish off the remaining heavy infantry hiding in the ruins, leaving a single member behind.

Victory points tallied:
Brad- first blood, line breaker, 3 pts for objective, and 2 pts for killing 2 heavy supp.
Jashin- slay the warlord, 6 pts for holding 2 objectives.
Brad- 7
Jash- 7

Both armies were painted and wysiwyg

Thanks guys! If anyone else has any reports you'd like to see up on this blog, send me the details asap!

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