Friday, November 20, 2015

40k Batrep! Space Wolves VS Dark Angels

Stephen's Space Wolves took on Ryan's Dark Angels and Imperial Knight. Here's their battle report:

Mission: Purge the Alien
The Dark Angels had the first turn and an attempt to steal it by the Space Wolves failed

Dark angels: 2000pts
Combined arms detachment:
Dark angels Librarian
Deathwing knights
Land Raider Redeemer
2 x tactical squads
Deathwing Redemption force
2 x Deathwing Terminator Squads
Ravenwing Strike Force
Ravenwing bike Squad
Ravenwing Dark Talon

The higlights for me was definately my Deathwing knights surviving many attacks, his terminators completely killing mine after I deep striked and  my mistake of turbo boosting sammael off the board... costing me the game.

Space Wolves
Combined Arms Detachment
Bran the Redmaw
Njal Stormcaller (warlord)
2 units of 10 Grey Hunters
1 unit of 6 Wolf Guard
1 unit of 5 Wolf Gaurd Terminators
1 unit of 6 Wolf Scouts
1 Land Raider Vrusader
1 Vindicator
1 Razorback

There were two main highlights during the game for the wolves and that was when in turn 1 the unit of 6 Wolf Guard blew up the Dark Angels Land Raider that was coming down the side of the board. this resulted in the Deathwing Knights having disembark on the far side of the board. the second highlight was when Njal Stormcaller charged the Deathwing Knights. the unit of Grey Hunters that was with Njal were quickly dispatched of however Njal held the unit of Deathwing Knights in combat on his own for three turns resulting in them being unable to take part in any other combat the whole game. 

The biggest disappointment for the Space Wolves was the Scout unit. Although the Scouts with sniper rifles did get some good shots in, the missile launcher did not carry his weight. As he was able to shoot with skyfire he had only one objective and that was to take out the flyer used by the Dark Angels. He managed to score a hit in ever turn but not once did he get a glance or a pen. 

Going into the last turn the score was 6-4 in favour of the Space Wolves. the Dark Angels killed of the Wolves warlord giving them 2 points (one for independent Characters being a unit and one for kill the warlord) this brought the game to a 6-6 draw had the game ended there. however Dark Angels made a fatal mistake by forgetting the primary objectives and flew there warlord off the table (even after the Space Wolves ask him if he is sure he wants to do that). This gave the Space Wolves 2 points resulting in a 8-6 victory for the Space Wolves. 

It was a long and hard fought game by both sides.

Thanks guys!

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