Friday, April 1, 2022

Announcing the first Golden Brush Event

 Hello All!!!

You wanted some hobby events! Well here we have it!


The DWGC Golden Brush Challenges! ๐Ÿ–Œ️๐ŸŽจ

Throughout the year we will be hosting one or two (or more?!) miniature hobby challenges and awarding prizes as we see fit to those we feel have reached the criteria for the challenge. the point to the hobby challenge is to push hobbyists into exploring new techniques and ideas while also fulfilling their goal of clear off their piles of shame! Each Challenge will have a different theme to it and it is up to the competitors to decide how they will interpret the theme. Those who take part do not have to stick to Games Workshop only miniatures. and can use anything they get their hands on. Dioramas, squads, single models, busts and anything they want to enter is applicable! The only criteria is that the model is something that was started at the beginning of the challenge and that it meets an interpretation of the theme presented!

To take a page out of the r/minipainting competitions, entrees will need to send to me via whatsapp (0844502833) a picture of their starting miniature with a piece of paper and the theme, date and their name written on it. You will receive a message saying accepted or rejected in return, and can then continue with the challenge!

Each entry will be judged on a per person basis. we will be awarding all those who we feel have met the challenge. Posts will be added to the facebook page with all of our views and reasons why we have awarded the participant.

The first theme is:


Entry fee: R50 for non DWGC members, DWGC members free

Challenge length:

1 April 2022 till 30 May 2022

Prizes Sponsored BY the Unseen Shoppe, Kapow Comics and Games and The Batcave Comics and Games

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