Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The Durban War Games Club is Back! 2022 plans and announcements


The Durban War Games Club is Back!!!

For the last few years, we have had very little opportunity to do the things that we as a Club love to do! It goes without saying that we are happy to announce that the DWGC will be returning this year in full force. Weekly Wargames Evenings, Events, Tournaments, The DWGC League are all returning, and we intend to make the most of it!

Since 2020 the world as we know it has changed, and so have our games as well as our community. Many things we thought were more important before as players and members have changed, but our priorities as a club have remained the same. We want to offer all players of all wargames a fun and comfortable space where they can meet up with others of a like mind and have fun with our hobby. We still want players of all types to join us and share in what resources we have available. We have partnered with three stores across KZN, and each have agreed that we need to have our community back up and running again, with as many games going as possible!

So, it is with this in mind that we have the following announcements to make:

1. There will be weekly club nights at each of the stores:

-        Wednesday evenings are at Kapow in Durban north. Thursdays are at Batcave comics and Games in Kloof and at the Unseen Shoppe in Westville.

-        Club members get free table use at these stores and get priority on these nights. However, club members need to make prior arrangement with the staff at the stores and book their tables.

2. The DWGC League will reopen from the 1st of March:

-        Anyone can play a league game and have a club member register their game, but they can only qualify if they themselves are members.

-        League games will include many of the Games Workshop Specialist games underneath their own heading. And there will be awards for these categories.

-        Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k will have full league tables.

-        The league may be made open to any other games systems that may arise, if they have a large enough player group.

3. DWGC events are back:

-        We will be hosting four large events throughout the year. These events may be multi game system events too. Although we cannot say (yet) if they will be over more than one day.

-        We will also be holding a few smaller events at the different stores throughout the year.

4. Hobby events and challenges are happening:

-        We intend to hold at least two hobby challenges this year! Watch this space!

Each store will also be running their own events, campaigns and mini leagues that are being supported by the DWGC and vice versa. Club members will be able to take part in these events as well as gain a few bonuses, depending on the system.

We are also updating the website slightly to accommodate the new games and include more data for our users. Within the next year or so we should have a brand-new site up and running!

We will be taking club membership fees again, so if you want to join, please let us know! The cost is R200 per person and R100 for students. We are also issuing out tags for our members, so you can identify yourself as the wargames VIP you are! You also get discounts on any DWGC event entry fees and access to all the DWGC resources that will be at each of the venues.

So, as you can see, the DWGC is back. And we intend to stay. Let’s make 2022 an awesome one! 

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