Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Icon By The Sea - Warhammer 40k Tournament

And its here! Icon By The Sea will be happening from the 7th to 9th of April 2017 and as usual the DWGC will be hosting the Warhammer 40k Tournament. Details are as follows:

Army Composition
- 1000 Points
- Any Codex, Codex Supplement or rules pack published before the 30th of March 2017 will be allowed. Only the latest versions of rules will be accepted.
- No Lord of War.
- Forge World and Horus Heresy rules and models allowed, provided that they are represented by the actual model, or a very easily identifiable proxy.
-  No Unbound Armies allowed

Entry Requirements
- R150.00 Entrance fee. R100 for fully painted armies.
- Fully painted armies will be judged by the three foot rule.
- You will need all your wargaming equipment (templates, tape measures, dice, own codex and rules 3 objective markers etc...)
- Two printed lists of your force being used on the day. We will go over the list before the tournament starts, and you may send us a list beforehand to darrynster@gmail.com if you wish to have it checked before the day.
- one model painted by you to enter into the painting competitions

Saturday 8th April 2017
- 09:00 am Convention doors open and registration begins
- 09:40 am Tables and opponents paired off and rules explained
- 09:45 am Game 1
- 11:15 am Lunch
- 12:00 am Game 2
- 13:30 am Break
- 13:45 am Game 3
- 15:15 am Break
- 15:30 am Game 4
- 17:00 am Day ends, Prizes Awarded

All Missions will be run using our Targeted Objectives rules. Each Primary Priority Objective scored will be worth 3 tournament points, and each Secondary Priority Objective will be worth 1 tournament point. The player with the highest amount of tournament points at the end of the day will be crowned as the winner. In the event of a tie breaker, the player with the most Primary objectives will take the lead.
Extra points will be awarded for the following:
- Fully painted army - 1 point
- Fully WYSIWYG army - 1 point
- Dressed according to the theme of your army - 1 to 3 points. (if you go full cosplay we might add more)

During the tournament there will be six bounties awarded for completion of certain tasks. these six bounties can only be awarded once, and each player can only achieve one bounty. Details will be announced on the day

Over the weekend your models will be judged by the public and through standard criteria.

1st place - Wargaming Mat Sponsored by GameMat.eu and R800 worth of Games Workshop Products from The Batcave
2nd place - R800 worth of Games Workshop Products from The Batcave
3rd place - R500 worth of Games Workshop Products from The Batcave
Best Painted Army - Prize pack from Kromlech Miniatures
Bounties - Prize pack from Kromlech Miniatures
Painting Competition - Public Vote - A Prize pack from Army Painter
Painting Competition - Judged - A Prize pack from Army Painter

Thank you to our sponsors for their support
Army Painter
The Batcave
The Unseen Shoppe

Click here to download the missions
Tournament Rules
Mission Sheet

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