Thursday, December 3, 2015

40k Batrep! Tau vs Salamanders

Salamnders take on Tau in a ferocious battle
The Armies:

Tau empire
Hunter Cadre
Commander in crisis
5 marker drones
2 fire warrior strike team 5 men each
1 breachers team 10 men
Retailation Cadre
Unit of 3 broadside full missile
3 unit of One crisis all melta and missiles

Battle comapany 1:
1x Captain with combi grav.
10 assault squad.
5 man devastator squad with 4 missle launchers.
3x 10man tactical squads.
1st with melta gun and missile.
2nd with heavy bolter flamer.
3rd with plasma gun and missle.
Battle Company 2.
1x chaplain with plasma pistol
bike squad
5man devastator squad with 2 plasma guns 1 lasgun.
3x 10 man tactical squad. each with flamer.
4 rhinos and drop pods for the tactical.
1 razorback for the chaplain.
Armored task force:
2 predators
1 whirlwind
techmarine with conversion beamer.

The highlights of the game:

Andrea: I was expecting many tanks so I tried To put as many fusion blaster as i could fit into The army and That worked out quite Well.. The deepstrike formation allowed me To blow up or heavily damage The tanks He Was using To move The Marines across The board, Leaving Them in The open an easy target for The Stormsurge, definetly The unit of the Game.. The ability To shoot twice his weapons Is Very strong and scary (again, those Destroyer missiles Did Jack s***t!).. Though, My favourite unit Is The Breachers Team.. With The help of an almost immortal Devilfish (failed The first two 3+ jink save in a raw but then survived plasma and Lascannons until turn 4!) they Can Be placed exactly Where You need Them and cause serious damage To any unit With a 3+ armour save (cough cough, Marines!).
They wiped out a complete unit of Marines without even Thinking, and when those Bikes tried to charge Them, they wiped Them out on The overwatch.. They won't win You a Game but They will definetly Be a unit your opponent needs To think about!
The Game Was a bit One sided.. But Still Kev pulled out Nice strategy, He Never played Malestrom and Not sure If He played Tau before.. Final score Was 25-1 but i am looking forward To play him again soon!

Kevin: Never try to out number tau with marines you will still get out gunned. I was trying a fun fluffy list where I fielded the battle company with full squads. it was never meant to be a competitive list and preformed terribly under the overwhelming tau firepower. But it was a fun game which I mostly played as a desperate game of survival for my marines, as i tried to hold some form of a defencive line. But the tau out gunned and out manoeuvred the marines and thier armored escort.
 But i do want to try this list again against a swarm army such as nids or Orcs. possibly blob guard.

Thanks guys!

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